Friday, March 20, 2009

To the formation of a New Political Party in the United States of America

In order to release ourselves from the perpetual set-battle between “Red” and “Blue,” “Liberal” and “Conservative,” “Democrat” and “Republican,” and the binarism inherent in such a formulation,

Don’t Vote

So that we might realize the freedom of democracy and free association in these United States of America – a freedom not held in much of the rest of the world,

Don’t Vote

For a more complex political landscape that no longer stifles political innovation and thought returning us to the same debates, even as the world around us whirls in perennial fluxation,

Don’t Vote

To fully realize our human potential as expressed by and through society as the political, which will never be fully constituted in either existing party,

Do Not Vote

A political party is not a tradition – it is a response to the present. No political party should last more than a century. Beyond that it is no longer a political party – but an institution; with dangerous controls over our access to the political process and as such a threat to our very liberty. These two institutions are not included in the Constitution, their very prospect disdained by the Founding Fathers, nor are their inner-workings in any way monitored. Yet they presume to act as a “fourth check” to the carefully constructed three branches, a sieve to any and all of our political views. Thus a political party should cease to exert force on American politics after it has achieved its stated goal, anything beyond that is tantamount to a Tyranny of the Oligarchy.

Even in the face of this preponderate power, we can be assured of success if we take action now. Third parties in America have been unsuccessful to such a degree to loosen the grip of the Two-Headed Monster that by now they’ve become a sad joke. Yet the “Don’t Vote” party is already the most successful third party in American history. In the 2008 election an estimated 62% of the electorate turned-out for one head of the Big Two, giving the “Don’t Vote” party a substantial 38% of the vote. The truth is we no longer need to accept either of the parties while both contain obvious flaws. We simply need to realize we don’t need them. The time of accepting a party that meets only a portion of our views and demands, the time that we would accept either only on a conditional basis, or that it may come to the all-to-familiar calculation of “better than the other party” are over. Simply by boycotting the vote until our collective demands as Americans are met we take away all of the legitimacy of these unelected masters of our political universe.

Drop out of your party – become a so-called unaligned “Independent.” But do so for the right reason, and send an affirmative message to the powers that be – that you, as an American voter, are a more complex individual than is being represented by either party, and that you realize one or the other, both parties have the same politics, so-called “moderates,” “center of the aisle.” Together we can realize a new political frontier in America and bring the vote back to us.

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